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01: Your Color, Your Strokes

Category: Inspirational

Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use – do the work you want to see done. – Austin Kleon

Today is Day 1 and you have a blank canvas of 2022 before you.

Reinvent yourself with _________ (something you want to encourage your audience with, e.g., confidence, passion, courage). You have the paint and the brush in your hands … you are _____________ (paint a picture of themselves as empowered, equipped, ready, etc.) to create the life that you want.

Here’s the truth. You are ________ (affirm and encourage them), and you can make this year your own masterpiece with your own brush strokes of decision & action.

Photo Ideas:

  • Blank canvas that you can paint with your own color & brush strokes.
  • Piece of art you are making.
  • Photo frame of new beginning.

02: Sort To Sustain

Category: Life/Biz Learning

5S is a popular workplace organizational methodology that proposes 5 Steps – sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain – to do housekeeping at the place of work.

It all begins with sorting. “To each his own” as the popular phrase goes … you are free to choose from array of choices in life but if you don’t sort and arrange, you will not clearly see your options.

In your ________________ (professional or personal) life, what do you need to sort to have _____________ (state the desired outcome, e.g., clarity, direction, purpose, etc.)?

Keep sorting simple with these three tips:
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. ___________________________________

(share your wisdom on how to sort things in specific area of life/biz)

Remember, it is challenging to sustain what you don’t sort.

If you need any help to get started with the process of organizing your affairs, you may connect with me thru _______________________ (share your contact info such as phone number and/or email address) or you may share your question in the comment below.

Photo Ideas:

  • Organizing tools.
  • Person doing some arrangement.
  • Image of before and after sorting activity.

03: What Do You Need To Sharpen In Order To Grow?

Category: Benefits to You

Stephen Covey the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “Sharpen the Saw” is the 7th habit. And sharpening the saw “means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – YOU.

When it comes to your __________ (internal, spiritual, financial, business, relational) growth, what do you need to sharpen in order for you to grow? Working with ______ clients/customers over the past ____ (number of months or years), I’ve seen that there are three things that requires continuous sharpening:

1. _________________

2. _________________

3. _________________

(Share your know-how to establish yourself as expert in the field.)

Sharpening the saw is never easy, that’s why you need an accountability partner and working with a Professional Service Provider such as a _________________ Life Coach or Consultant will benefit you and allow your growth process to accelerate. When you are ready to jumpstart, connect with me thru _____________________ (share your contact info such as phone number and/or email address) and let’s have some conversation.

Photo Ideas:

  • Sharpening activity
  • Sharpened object
  • Person building a habit

04: One Cup Can Make The Difference

Category: My Life

Coffeeology: Espresso yourself. So many blends, so little time. Take life one sip at a time, and stay grounded. Better latte than never. Take time to smell the cover. – Anonymous

Whatever will be will be … but coffee is here to stay!

How easy it is to be __________ (irritated, frustrated, short-tempered, disappointed) with __________ (family, friends, coworkers, your boss, difficult customers) when they’re not acting the way you expected them?

Have you ever thought that just like coffee that one cup can make a difference, one failed expectation can severely damage a relationship?

__________________ (outburst of anger, harsh words, gossip, passive aggressiveness) can be bitter than coffee. And unlike coffee that soothes, ill-tempered responses can be rough and tough to swallow.

Come to mind the valuable relationships that you have … what can you do to make it stay and last?

Photo Ideas:

  • Coffee time.
  • Different kinds of coffee.
  • Your favorite coffee shop.

05: The Thing Called Passion

Category: Behind The Scenes

To be happy you must have taken the measure of your powers, tasted the fruits of your passion, and learned your place in the world. — George Santayana

What are you passionate about?

What is something unique about you as a _____________ (parent, teacher, husband, wife, sister, coach or employee) that set you apart?

It is easy to compare ourselves with others and feel less about our personal achievements and professional accomplishments. But you are your own genius.

For today, spend some time to write about the things you love doing and dive deeper into your passion or the things that make your heart smile …

As for me, I am passionate about:

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________

4. _______________________________

5. _______________________________

Are you resonating with my subject of interest? Let’s have a conversation … share your thoughts as comment below or send me a DM.

Photo Ideas:

  • Joyful photo of yourself
  • Image of a great thing in your life
  • Journaling time

06: Photography 101

Category: Inspirational

“If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about it.”– Jay Maisel

Whenever I’m having a bad day in my business and thinking of throwing in the towel, I try to remember what photographers do … they go out and shoot to make it happen.

And when it is really tough, I remember what _________ [grandmother, mother, teacher, coach, etc.] once told me: “________________________________________.” (“When there’s rain, sunshine is always right around the corner”…“You can never quit on a bad day,” etc.). These are the words that keep me going!

Drop an emoji below if you need this ____________________ (encouragement, inspiration, motivation, reminder) today.

Take a good snapshot of some moments today that are worth keeping … share to inspire others.

Photo Ideas:

  • Image that inspires you when you are down.
  • Photographer in session.
  • Person expressing disappointments.

07: Do You Like Surprises

Category: My Life

That which takes us by surprise-moments of happiness-that is inspiration. — Agnes Martin

I’ve been a _____________ (job title or what you do) for ______ (# of months or years) so you can probably guess that from day to day, I do experience surprises like ____________________, ____________________, and ___________________ (share 3 things that not many people know about the work that you do and might surprise them] … some surprises are pleasant while few are nerve-racking!

Surprises spice up the game and help us be better as players in life.

Like food in our table that can be truly new to taste, old-time favorites plated in a new way will always be a surprise.

What surprises are you eagerly waiting for this year? Share as a comment below …

Photo Ideas:

  • Person with a surprised expression.
  • Exotic food served sophisticated manner.
  • Your version of a surprise event.

08: What’s Your Agenda For Today?

Category: Product/Service

When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world. – George Washington Carver

How do you make people know about you and your products and services?

My newest ________________ (podcast episode, video tutorial, blog post, online course, etc.) is scheduled on __________________. It is all about _________________ (how to wear stripes & polka dots this summer, planning the wedding of your dream during pandemic, coaching the uncoachable, Asian culture, etc.) and the monetary investment is _____________ (share the registration fee or say zero). Let me know in the comment if you are interested to know more about my offer.

Back to you … what do you need to accomplish today … what is on your agenda?

Photo Ideas:

  • Your photo at work or in action.
  • Image of your dream job.
  • Photo of a passion project.

09: It’s Your Day Today!

Category: Behind The Scenes

Every dog must have his day. – Jonathan Swift

You know that it is your day when you can notice the good things that abound in your life. Yes, there are good things and even GREAT things that are waiting to be noticed by you!

Here’s a quick list of the great things in my life in this season:
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
4. __________________________________
5. __________________________________

NOW it’s your turn, share a comment below and let me know the great things in your life today that we can celebrate together.

Photo Ideas:

  • Joyful photo of yourself
  • Image of a great thing in your life
  • Journaling time

10: When Life Gets You Down

Category: Benefits You

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. – Chinese Proverb

Want to hear a VALUABLE fact? _______________ [All our products are made from 100% organic ingredients from our farm … As a proponent of rapid transformation, my life coaching clients see results from our sessions in just 90 days … etc.]. The best part is, _________________________________________ [they are hand-packaged with love … quick progress is a promising sign of our future work together … etc.].

When life gets you down, there will always be people who are ready to serve and help.

There are lamp posts on your way … there are lighted candles in the corner …

What questions do you have for me today? How can I help you with any of your challenges? You can comment below or send me a message thru _________________________ (share your email address and/or mobile number).

Photo Ideas:

  • Photo of coffee talk with a friend.
  • Image of a person in a reflective mood.
  • Photo of a comforting gesture.

11: Get Unstuck by Going in Reverse

Category: Benefits You

You’ll never get to success until you take the risk of failure. The failures are never as bad as you imagine them. And the success always feels many times better than you imagined. — Clayton Makepeace

Imagine that today is the beginning of the 4th month of the year! Do you see yourself celebrating QTR 1 success or feeling disappointed because ________________________ (share possible reason/s for disappointments).

Three months have lapsed … do you like what you have accomplished?

What’s your worst life situation by April of this year? I have this list in mind ….
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
4. __________________________________
5. __________________________________

(Share your top 5 worst scenarios by April 2022.)
Your turn NOW to list your 5 worst scenarios by Month 4 … writing the worst ending can help you get unstuck and start thinking productively.

Photo Ideas:

  • Photo of a bad haircut.
  • Photo of a challenging moment.
  • Photo of a celebration.

12: If Not Now Then When

Category: Inspirational

If I had more free time, I’d spend it with ____________ (kids, spouse, parents, etc.), but my work schedule keep me _____________ (share what’s hindering you).

If I had more money, I’d book a _____________ (share your dream vacation) … or visit __________ (wildlife sanctuary, art museum, farm house) in __________ (specific location) but I can’t do that because ________________ (state what’s stopping you).

If I didn’t have so many ________________________ (bills, payables, etc.), I’d kiss my 8-hr job goodbye forever but I have _____________ (debt, a mortgage, financial obligations, etc.) to worry about.

Do you suffer from “If … but” syndrome?

Listen, you can live life without restrictions. Look at the flowers that bloom and wither in season.

NOW is your season to ___________________________ (what is the inspiration you want to share with your reader) … confidently say “YES” to yourself.

Photo Ideas:

  • Image of an inspirational quote on decision making.
  • Photo of you doing something fulfilling.
  • Photo of a person expressing anticipation.

13: Meaning

Category: Product/Service

Quit allowing your search for ‘meaning’ to manufacture disasters in your head that never happen. – Karl Bryan

Have you ever looked at something and can’t figure out what is it or what is the purpose of it being in existence?

Well, the work that I do as _____________________ (state your profession or source of income) amazes some and confuses many … but one thing special about is _______________ (explain what make your job different from others).

I hope I didn’t confuse you at all. Anyhow, in a nutshell, I help __________________ (share your market) to _________________ (what is the promise of your product or offer) so that ___________________ (the end result).

I am confident that there is something I can share with you or someone you know, please keep my contact info active in your file … here it is: ______________________ (share mobile and/or email address).

Photo Ideas:

  • Lifestyle photo of your product/service.
  • Your photo with a client.
  • Image that speaks of the benefits of your product/service.

14: What’s Wrong With Getting Richer Quicker

Category: My Life

“The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.” —Robert Kiyosaki

Here are my thoughts about getting rich …

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

(Share your thoughts about getting rich)

My life is a testimony of _____________________________ (share wisdom about making a living).

And “What’s wrong with getting richer quicker?” It isn’t true at all!!! You can jackpot on an opportunity that can give you instant cash flow and change your lifestyle, but getting richer will never be quicker. It takes __________ (time, hard work, wisdom and/or character).

The flowers in the base can instantly bring the floral feel but it will never give you the garden experience.

What’s are your thoughts? I love to know your idea.

Photo Ideas:

  • Still shots of flowers.
  • Image of decorative flowers.
  • Photo that speaks of hard work.

15: Expectation Hangover

Category: My Why

You’ll get the best of 2022 if you can free yourself from your past, embrace the present and focus on what’s next. – Master Coach A

It’s easy to blame the past for _____________________________________ (share common regrets about the past).

It’s convenient to ______________________________ the present (share common complains or nuances about the present).

It’s common to be _______________________ (share common emotion about the future like anxious, fear, worried etc.) when you think about the future.

BUT … if you know your WHY, you can free yourself from the expectation hangover of 2021 and anticipate better 2022 starting with being grateful for what you have today.

Try a simple exercise today, write 5 things that you feel like you are suffering from expectation hangover and 5 things that you are excited about this year. The first list is your pull list while the other is your push list.

Going back … I do what I do because __________________ (share your why for what you do). I know that I am called for something greater so I am deliberately out of expectation hangover. I have 2022 now and it is all that matters.

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you writing on a journal.
• Image of a gratitude list.
• Photo that speaks of hard work.

16: Egg-celent Trivia

Category: Life / Biz Learnings

Did you know that “chef hats” traditionally have pleats equal to the number of ways that you can cook an egg?

Here are some more lesser-known tidbits about egg:

1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________

(Share some trivia about egg)

Do you have interesting facts about eggs that aren’t common knowledge? Let’s exchange notes …

Photo Ideas:
• Your photo holding an egg with an exciting look.
• Lifestyle photo with egg.
• Caricature of an egg.

17: Information Appetite

Category: Inspirational

Do you grab information from here and there?

What information do you usually collect?

I usually write about ________________________ (share what do you normally write and post) so I usually read ____________________ (cite what you normally read) from __________________ (platform or source).

But today, I am doing something different. I am writing a made-up story in my journal using the information I learned exactly a year ago … would you like to do the same?

Let’s see how much value do we get from the information we do collect over the years.

Photo Ideas:
• Your photo collecting information.
• Lifestyle photo with the journal.
• Collage of your source of information.

18: You Only Live Once

Category: My Why

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. – William Wallace

I have one life to live and I have limited time to trade.

How are you pursuing fulfillment with the one life you get to live?

As for me, I’m ________ (quitting my 8-to-5 job so I can pursue my passion full-time, making an effort to cross 3 things off my bucket list this year … etc.). Thankfully, my profession as a ________ (share your job title or describe what you do) allows me to pursue ____________ (happiness, joy, fulfillment, quality life, etc.) each and every day, and for that, I feel so ___________________ (blessed, lucky, favored, etc.).

So, friend, what makes you happy and fulfilled living your one life?

Photo Ideas:
• Your photo at work or in action.
• Image of your dream job.
• Photo of a passion project.

19: Food Photography

Category: Product/Service

I am a ______________ (share your profession or business).

But I do love exploring food photography and I normally shoot ________________ (mushroom, egg, bread, etc.).

When planning for your food photos, ask yourself these questions
1. What am I shooting?
2. How am I styling it?
3. ________________________
(Share additional question/s.)
Do you have some food shots taken? Share it for some cheers!

Photo Ideas:

  • Photo of a person doing food photography.
  • Sample food shots with the scenery.
  • Sample food shot on the flat lay.

20: Pyramids Are Forever

Category: Life/Biz Learnings

The pyramid shape is said to hold many secrets and amazing properties. One of them is a sense of wonder. – Vera Nazarian

The Benben stone is said to be the basis of pyramidal designs, and most probably, also the basis of the pyramids of Egypt that fascinates many.

One thing with pyramid that fascinates me is __________________ (share your thoughts).

Are you also fascinated with pyramids?

Share your thoughts and let’s know more about the wonders of the pyramids.

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you holding a pyramid-shaped object.
• Lifestyle shot of people on pyramid arrangement.
• Iconic images of pyramids.

21: Notice The Sand

Category: My Life

The Word of God is ROCK. All else is sand. — J. C. Ryle

Have you ever been knocked down in life?

In my lifetime, there were 3 big blows I can vividly remember …

1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
(Share 3 experiences in life that hits you badly the most.)

I am glad that I have my solid foundation in ____________________ (share where you are anchored).

What about you, what keep you grounded?

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you in one of your proudest moments.
• Photo of you during tough times.
• Image of an anchor.

22: Fine Day

Category: Inspirational

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. – Aesop

Some days can be truly tough but today is a fine day because …
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
(Share what makes this day fine.)

Do me some favor today … please share something good (anything will do) and help make this day a super fine day for me. Thanks. I appreciate you.

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you during a fine day.
• Photo of someone having a fine day.
• Image of one fine day.

23: Simple Joy

Category: Behind The Scenes

The couch gives me simple joy!

Here’s why …

Next to bed, the couch allows me to ___________________________ (share what comfort or joy the couch gives you similar to bed experience).

Now share what gives you simple joy in the comment!

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you on the couch.
• Photo of your family on the couch.
• Image of your dream couch.

24: Recycling Not Allowed

Category: Inspiration

If I can recycle time, I will __________________________________ (share what you will do if time recycling is allowed).

Unfortunately, we cannot recycle time and we can only use what we have right now.

So, today, I am sending this message out to everyone:
(share some inspirational message about time)

What do you think about my message?

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you holding an hourglass.
• Lifestyle photo with a clock or watch.
• Image of a clock.

25: What’s With The Bark

Category: Life / Biz Learnings

The bark of trees that grow in the shade is mostly thin, while the bark of trees that grow in sunny places is thicker.

Interesting that I see this true in my life. As a _____________ (mother, father, sister, teacher, etc.), I have thin covering in ____________________ (share area of your life that is less covered) and thick covering in _________________ (share area of your life that mostly covered).

Bark works as protection and in life, our best protection is _______________ (share what protects you the most).

What’s your thought?

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you in a particular role.
• Lifestyle photo with the tree as the background.
• Image of a big tree.

26: Something New

Category: Benefits You

The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.
– Josiyah Martin

Are you up for something new today?

I am beginning anew with my Self-Care Routine with …

1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________

(Share some notes on your new self-care routine.)

I learned that pampering myself with little change gives me _____________ (share some benefits) and I have developed better routines too that I can share with you. Message me if interested …

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you doing self-care.
• Photo of you with new self-care product.
• Photos of your favorite pampering items.

27: Great Idea

Category: Behinds The Scenes

An impoverished mind cannot produce great ideas.

Enrich your mind with reading and writing.

I am ____________ (reading, writing, etc.) ______________________ (share what you are reading or writing about) this week to enhance my ________________________ (share what skill are you improving in your profession or service offering).

What are you accomplishing this week? Share in the comment …

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you while reading.
• Photo of you while writing.
• Lifestyle shot with books, pens, and papers.

28: Power Of A Story

Category: My Life

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. – Ira Glas
Let’s tell some stories today …

I always associate active lifestyle with rubber shoes and _______________ (what else do you have in mind). And one memorable story I have about getting active is __________________________ (continue sharing a story, either true or made-up).

What story can you share today?

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you doing physical activities.
• Photo of you with pair of rubber shoes.
• Lifestyle shot of active lifestyle.

29: Neat & Nice

Category: Inspirational

Pick something neat & nice today to sprinkle freshness in your space!


My pick for today is __________________ (share an item of choice) and I’ll have it in my _______________ (where are you putting it).  I feel that this simple piece will _________________________ (what will it do to your space and to you as a person).


What item are you having today?  It would be nice if you share it in the comment …

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you with a decorative item.
• Images of decorative items to choose from.
• Photos of your space with the new item.

30: Prep Time

Category: Behind The Scenes

Preparation is KEY!

As a ________________ (share your profession or what you do), I spend much time preparing for _________________ (share something interesting for your client or audience) and one unique thing that I do is ________________ (share a signature routine or activity that will resonate with your client).

Do you need help preparing for something big? I am a message away …

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you at work.
• Photo of you behind the scenes of your business.
• Lifestyle shot of prep work.

31: Small Items

Category: My Life

Small as it may look, some items in our space means so much in our life.

In my working area, one small item that is truly special is ________________ (name a small item in your working space).

What makes this item special is _______________________ (share how the item is connected with your life, passion and purpose).

Do you have a similar item for keeps? Share in the comment …

Photo Ideas:
• Photo of you in your working space.
• Images of small items on-shelf display.
• Images on small items placed on working table.

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