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Guess what?!?! We’re super-thankful for you and your support!

As a small startup dedicated to helping business owners save time and grow their businesses, we are incredibly grateful for your support. Below you will find a few important things as you get started spreading the word about Rise Up Creatives…

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  5. Promo Images + Captions – Although you are welcome to use any of your personal images to promote Rise Up Creatives, we’ve supplied several images and customizable captions below. If there are other images that would be helpful, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.

If you have any questions, we invite you to email or click the chat widget in the lower-right portion of the page. We’re here to support you in any way we can.

Thank you!
David Trotter
Founder of Rise Up Creatives

Promo Images + Captions

Click on an individual image to automatically download, or click “Download Images” to download both square and vertical. Click “Copy Caption” to automatically copy the caption, and paste into a social media app or scheduler.

01: Don’t know what to post this week?

Don’t know what to post this week? All out of ideas? Sometimes, the well of inspiration runs dry, right?

With ________________ (everything on my plate, juggling business and family, the launch of my new program coming up), I can’t afford to simply ‘hope’ inspiration strikes when I sit down to post. Instead, I’ve found that planning my social media well in advance takes the pressure off of coming up with something ___________ (profound, engaging, catchy) on the spot.

Recently, I discovered @RiseUpCreatives, and their monthly planning calendar along with 31 new lifestyle photos and 31 customizable captions every month is a giant shortcut! It’s like a plug-and-play social media system that I can modify however I want.

Plus, they have a super-easy Graphic Design Studio where I can make my own graphics from scratch or use one of their templates. Kinda like Canva, but easier!

You can check out a 7 Day Free Trial and access 100% of the features by using my special link – __________________.

Sign up and tag me on your first post. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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02: Ready to take the stress out of social media?

Why did you start your business? Was it to make more money for your family? Or, because you wanted more freedom in your schedule? Or, did you want to make an impact in the life of your customer or client?

My guess is…it WASN’T because you wanted to spend hours on social media content. Amiright?!?!?

And yet, we all know that social media is a tremendous opportunity to connect with our current and future clients. And, the more we show up in a way that’s both authentic and engaging, the more someone will know, like, and trust us.

And…trust = more sales.

Let me guess…you have the best of intentions to sit down and come up with something after you _____________ (finish your emails, get back from dropping off the kids, ship out those orders), but it feels so overwhelming!

What should I post?
Which image is right??
How do I write something that truly engages?

I’ve got a secret for ya! Check out @RiseUpCreatives. Every month, they release a selection of 31 lifestyle images and 31 customizable captions that are easy to modify or use as-is! Plus, you can create your own images for social media, lead magnets, workbooks, slides, media kits, and more. Here’s even better news. With my link, you can get a 7 Day Free Trial! Check it out at _________________.

Drop your favorite emoji if you’re ready to save some time!

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03: Beautiful, engaging social media content in just 5 minutes a day!

5 minutes. That’s literally all it takes to create beautiful, engaging social media. Don’t believe me?

I recently discovered @RiseUpCreatives, and they offer a plug-and-play system that gives you everything you need for a beautiful lifestyle image and a fill-in-the-blank customizable caption every single day of the month. You can use everything as-is or modify it however you want!

Plus, they have a Graphic Design Studio (similar to Canva, but easier) with hundreds of beautiful templates to create social media, lead magnets, workbooks, slides, media kits, and more. You can literally design anything for print or online.

Guess what?!?!? I have a special link for a 7 Day Free Trial at __________________. Check it out, and tell me what you think!

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